Car seat covers sheepskins car seat covers We are fussy about detail. We believe that Custom Made Sheepskin Seat Covers should mean what it implies.  

Sheepskin car seat covers

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Corporate Clients by Appointment

We will allow for side impact air bags wherever applicable. 

We offer the top of the range Sheepskin Seat Cover as an alternative for those who appreciate the difference.

Custom Made Sheepskin Seat Covers
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While we realise that the widely available mid price range multi fit acrylic and sheepskin combination style of seat cover has it's place in the market, the fluffy look alike synthetic limits the durability of the stitching in the side seams where stress is focused.


We suggest that a total sheepskin cover will offer the most durable method of stability. We also suggest that to avoid inevitable skin stretching over the map pocket area, where a street directory etc. is stored, that you consider eliminating this use for long term neatness.


Sheepskin Seat covers
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While our Sheepskin Seat Covers and other sheepskin products are definately at the top end of the price range, we have often been congratulated by clients for presenting outstanding value for money, and we believe you will be amply rewarded for your confidence in us.
We choose to specialize in total sheepskin, for those who have discovered that quality is it's own reward.
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