Handcrafted in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia from the highest quality 100% Genuine Sheepskins

For over 35 years Jumbuck Sheepskins has supplied custom made sheepskin seat covers to clients both in Australia and overseas.

We take personal pride in providing a 5 year guarantee with every order. Jumbuck Sheepskins provides quality hand made products all of which are made on premises in Noosa. We use only Australian products and also employ local craftspeople with the necessary skills to produce a quality product. Design, fit, durability and premium fleece quality are essential to us.

Jumbuck Sheepskin uses high quality Australian tanned sheepskin tested for washing fleece fibre density and durability rather than the significantly cheaper imported varieties of sheepskin. We use only a 25mm fleece which is the best quality fleece for seat covers. This thick and dense fleece will provide many years of comfort

5 Year warranty


100% Australian Sheepskins


We ship in Australia and Overseas

Jumbuck Sheepskin difference

Jumbuck Sheepskins provides custom made, fully fitted luxury sheepskin seat covers to suit most vehicles, motor homes, motor bikes, aircraft and more. They provide comfort and the ultimate protection for your seats, keeping them looking like new.

Easy ordering

We have patterns for most vehicles on file and ship both locally and internationally

Perfect Fit

For a precise fit we create a pattern that duplicates the original seat shape

Fast Delivery

We usually custom make and despatch any of our products within 1 week of receiving an order


We allow for side impact air bags so they deploy as designed and our seat covers comply with all insurance requirements

Custom made

All our covers are custom made to order. We do not stock ready made covers

Fitting Service

We have a local fitting service in Noosa, or we can ship the covers to your door with easy to follow instructions.

Seat Cover Information & Ordering


The luxury of Natural Wool Sheepskin

Sheepskins are like people – They are all a little different.

The surface texture, feel and appearance of the wool is determined by the breed of sheep each skin has come from. Such things as their age, health, the standard of pasture and the method of tanning will also influence the quality of each fleece. As a normal pair of seats will require six skins to fully enclose them correctly, the experience of the manufacturer makes a big difference in the finish and durability of your seatcovers.

Comfort – Sheepskin keeps you warmer in winter and in cool in summer by allowing body temperature air to stay close to you. Safe – Sheepskin is hypoallergenic and flame resistant, it will self-extinguish. Soft – Sheepskin is so wonderfully soft to sit on. Durable – A Skeepskin will give you many years of comfort and wear.