Warranty & Maintenance

5 Year Guarantee

We guarantee our workmanship and sewing quality for three years while fitted to the same vehicle.

Exclusions include accidents due to pet attack, fleece loss caused by rubbing of seat belts or a wallet, fleece staining from food, drink, oil, grease or cigarette smoke.

Excessive perspiration absorption has been known to cause discolouration of the dye in the fleece. Natural fading of the dye colour occurs as a result of aging and the degree of exposure to direct sun. This process can be reduced by tinted windows.


A regular vacuum will help minimise the residual build up of road dust in the fleece, while regular gentle brushing will help maintain the original appearance of your sheepskins.

As incorrect washing methods or cleaning agents can dehydrate and damage the leather, dry cleaning through a reputable outlet

will give good results. We recommend dry cleaning every three years under normal conditions.

We provide a free brush with every order which can be used to maintain the pile on your sheepskin seat covers.